Stadium Cleaning Services

Sports Stadium Cleaning Services

We have years of experience providing Sports Stadium Cleaning Services! We provide Sports Stadium cleaning services during and after games to ensure the stadium is left clean for the next game. No matter the size of the stadium, or the number of fans in attandance, Avon Cleaning’s trained technicians will ensure that we leave behind a clean staidum that’s ready for the next game.

Let Avon Cleaning provide the best sport staidum cleanup services for you. Contact Avon Cleaning and we can develop a plan to meet your specific Sport Stadium Cleanup needs.

We provide the following high quality sport facility cleaning services:

  • Pre/Post Event Cleaning
  • Sweeping and mopping stairwells and common area hard surfaces
  • Cleaning interior glass
  • Carpet Cleaning – Vacuuming, Spot Cleaning
  • Seat Cleaning
  • Floor buffing (if the store has polish on the floor).
  • Washing interior hallway windows and window frames
  • Dusting horizontal surfaces
  • High dust reachable areas
  • Disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms
  • Replenishing paper and soap dispensers
  • Throwing out trash and replacing waste basket liners
  • Vacuuming carpets and door mats
  • Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher and exit signs
  • Specialized cleaning service (detailed dusting of the store shelves and other general cleaning).
  • Outdoor cleaning of the parking areas in front of the supermarket building (garbage disposal and sweeping)
  • Trash pickup and disposal
  • Waste disposal of trash bins in front of store and in parking area.

Full-Service Flexibility, 100% Guaranteed

We ensure that everything is done right. We take pride in our cleaning services and commitment to meeting your needs. We also provide cleaning services for the below venues.